About Me-Corena Chase

I design and deliver customized courses to facilitate organizational change and learning. I work with senior and developing leaders to maximize their ability to influence and inspire their colleagues and clients. As a facilitator I focus on creating awareness, challenge and support through experiential learning among peers. As an executive coach, I tailor our work to individual strengths and needs. My experience is in an array of industries including financial services, professional services, entertainment and law. My clients include some of Fortune Magazines 100 most admired companies, who are committed to creating innovative opportunities to help their employees thrive.

In my previous career as an actor, my job was to use the study of human behavior, communication, and emotional intelligence to walk in other people’s shoes and make sure their views were convincingly conveyed to audiences. As a facilitator and coach my job is to make sure your views are convincingly conveyed to the audience of stakeholders, clients and colleagues that you need to influence and motivate on a daily basis.

This work includes:
-executive presence and influencing others
-recognizing and becoming deliberate about the behaviors that define you as a leader
-building relationships & trust  
-managing difficult conversations & delivering effective feedback
-advocacy for self & others 
-public speaking
-developing coaching skills in leaders 
-time and energy management

I earned my coaching certification through The Columbia Executive Coaching Program and am certified by the International Coaching Federation.
I have an MFA from Yale University, a BA in theater from Connecticut College and have done extensive coursework in psychology.